2011 fall poetry dreaminterpretations

by John Sibley Williams

Let’s say all the doctors are right.
And the analysts. The priests.
My education.

Beneath every word, a formal structure—

Japanese garden,

functioning kidney,

everything a right angle

designed to come after

an open-ended question.

So what use the images in this dream?
What use the pursuing shadow,
the expanding hallway?
What use that I wake just before,
expecting a different outcome
from morning?

I’ve written for them all
a never-ending list of words
unconnected to my heart’s quickening,
to be built into a theory,
translated back into nothing.

About the Author

John Sibley Williams is a poet and literary publicist residing in Portland, OR. He has a previous MA in Writing and presently studies Book Publishing at Portland State University, where he serves as Acquisitions Manager of Ooligan Press and publicist for Three Muses Press. His poetry was nominated for the 2009 Pushcart Prize and won the 2011 Heart Poetry Award. His chapbooks include A Pure River (The Last Automat Press, 2010), Door, Door (Red Ochre Press, 2011), Autobiography of Fever (Bedouin Books, 2011), From Colder Climates (Folded Word, forthcoming), The Longest Compass (Finishing Line Press, forthcoming), and The Art of Raining (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, forthcoming). Some of his over 200 previous or upcoming publications include: The Evansville Review, RHINO, Rosebud, Ellipsis, Flint Hills Review, and Poetry Quarterly.

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