issue 10


A Thousand Distant Cousins
by Lacy Arnett

Moving Day
by Brett Marie

Keeping herself to herself
by Anna Peerbolt

by Matt Salyer


He did not tie his shoes
by Daniel Dominowski

Dream Interpretations
by John Sibley Williams

The Qanoun's a Hemar
by Nigel Holt

In a Thicket Outside Dallas, Texas
by Nathaniel Hunt

Water Hour Variations
by John Sibley Williams

Mixed Media

Fall 2011 Artwork

Maintained or neglected, familiar or foreign, well-worn or wild, roadways inform our decisions and identities. Their geographies direct the movement
of our lives and sketch the cartography of our stories. In this spirit, 322 Review publishes provocative emerging and established artists whose fiction,
creative nonfiction, poetry, and mixed media artwork wander the paths of human experience. A nonprofit literary journal conceived
and operated by former Rowan University graduate students, 322 Review is based in Southern New Jersey.