donotello supernatural

Donotello supernatural
Get your salt and holy water ready, because GUESS WHAT?!

As long as there’s evil in the world, the Winchesters will fight on. #Supernatural has been renewed for another season!

Donotello supernatural
At the Bunker, Dean, Jack, and Mary are preparing for game night, when Dean gets a voicemail from Donatello asking for Sam and Dean to help, and reciting a Bible passage in ancient Hebrew. Sam and Jack try to decipher Donatello’s voicemail, while Dean and Mary drive to his home, where they are met by Nick. He reveals he injected Donatello with thallium, and promises to give them his location if he can talk with Jack.
After a significant amount of time (and a few buckets of fried chicken), Donatello discovers Metatron’s annotations, and is able to translate the scribe’s personal observations on God. These show that God had revealed his secret fear to his favorite, whom Castiel deduces to have been Michael at the time. After explaining to Donatello that Michael is locked in Lucifer’s Cage with Sam and Dean’s half-brother Adam, Donatello snaps in a moment of frustration but quickly slumps back down in his chair when his body is taken over by Chuck, who passes on a warning to Sam and Dean to stop what they are doing. After Donatello is released from Chuck’s control, Dean tells him it might be safer if he went home; Donatello happily obliges and races out of the Bunker.

Original Charlie had a unique light, and we want it to shine again in Season 15. She was a unique character, one of a kind.
However, in latter seasons, Claire’s character has become flat. She’s like an annoying Scrappy-Doo, whiny and a know-it-all. We’d love to see her develop more, but if that doesn’t happen–she should be phased out.

Donotello supernatural
Having lost his mind, Donatello is restrained
In We Happy Few, three days later, Donatello gets attacked by Amara inside his house, who is in need of the whereabouts of God. Donatello refuses to tell her, so Amara absorbs his soul into her being, enabling her to know where the Men of Letters bunker is.

Donotello supernatural
You may not remember the prophet Donatello. He was introduced to us in Supernatural Season 11, as an atheist who became the next prophet after Kevin’s death. Only around for one episode, it’s understandable why he’s been forgotten about.
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