fragonard the swing dance company

Ask students to describe the action of the picture. Some students will no doubt notice the young man lying in the garden, watching his young girlfriend playfully kick her slipper in his direction. Tell students that at the time, the painting caused a scandal, as proper women were discouraged from such flirtatious behavior.
Share the Art Print with students and point out that the artist created the illusion of movement while at the same time captured a moment in time, much like a sports photographer captures distinct movements of an athlete in action.

Fragonard the swing dance company
Yinka Shonibare MBE, The Swing (After Fragonard), 2001 (Tate, London) © Yinka Shonibare
Though tailored in the fashion of eighteenth-century French aristocratic style, the costume that is modeled by Shonibare’s protagonist has been sewn from colorful and abstractly patterned fabrics with quite different origins: the bright golds, reds and blues arranged in geometric motifs across her ruffled skirt are typical of the “African” Dutch wax fabrics that Shonibare has famously used to adorn his figural tableaux throughout his career.

Fragonard the swing dance company
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Fragonard the swing dance company
The Lindy Hop developed at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York back in the 30s and was pretty much a street dance that evolved over time with the dancers imitating and out doing each other. The big bands were the music of the era, and when they started to swing, so did the dancers. In the 40’s Lindy Hop spread throughout the world during World War II and to this day Lindy Hoppers celebrate and dance to the music from this era.
The Lindy Hop is the biggest of the swing dances. You know those movies set during WW2 where the dance scenes have girls being thrown through the air? Well, that’s Hollywood’s version of it! They’re Jitterbugs dancing the Jitterbug and going crazy on the dance floor! Don’t worry, in reality you can go through an entire night without leaving the ground.

Fragonard the swing dance company
On the rare occasion we do one these, make sure you grab the chance! The advanced level air step workshops combine various aerials and do some of the more superhero moves that make people’s jaws drop to the floor! After these workshops you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling the Lindy Hopper’s greatest dream to dance like these guys, Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, in the greatest video clip ever, Hellzapoppin’! You need to be fit to do these aerials, and you must have a lot of experience with our other levels in order to attempt these workshops. Because of their nature, these workshops are by invite only.
Intermediate (Level 2) Lindy Hop


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