how to paint a starry night sky with acrylics

How to paint a starry night sky with acrylics
• Dilute your white paint with water in a bowl so that it is slightly thicker than a heavy cream.
• Dip your toothbrush into the paint and tap it gently on your palette to remove some of it.
• Using the pad of your thumb flick the bristles of the toothbrush over some scrap paper.
• Try playing with it from side to side, lengthwise, far away, and close up.
I like to use a large enough palette so that I have plenty of room to mix colors, while still having room to keep the main colors reasonably clean.

How to paint a starry night sky with acrylics
Once you’re done with this part and are happy with the sky’s color variation, let it dry COMPLETELY.
After the first night (I did all of this while sitting in front of the TV), it looked like this:

How to paint a starry night sky with acrylics
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How to paint a starry night sky with acrylics
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I chose to use black ink instead of watercolor for several reasons, but mainly because ink tends to cover on the first stroke much better than watercolor. The photo above shows a comparison of one stroke of Ivory Black watercolor (top) versus one stroke of Higgins Eternal ink (bottom).
If all you have is a black watercolor, feel free to use it. Unless it is highly staining, it should work for this technique. I haven’t tried it, but a thinned acrylic may also also work, so use what you’ve got!


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