john baptiste statue from donatelo

John baptiste statue from donatelo
Another way in which Donatello described the space in which the scene takes place, was through his use of high and low relief. [7] One technique that Donatello implemented in his Feast of Herod is the use of rilievo schiacciato, or shallow relief, which he had earlier used in his St. George predella, for the Church of Orsanmichele in Florence. Donatello utilized schiacciato carving to create atmospheric effect and to give the impression of greater depth. In order to create this depth, Donatello relied on the contrast between the low and high relief. The inclusion of low relief, in the architecture of the layered arches and in the background figures, allows for specific elements to appear farther away, while the high relief brings attention to the more highly detailed figures in the foreground, which seem to extend out into the viewer’s space. [11]
The Feast of Herod is a bronze relief sculpture created by Donatello circa 1427. It appears on the baptistry of the Siena Cathedral in Italy. It is one of Donatello’s earliest relief sculptures, and his first bronze relief. [1] The sculpture is noted for Donatello’s use of perspective. [2] The piece is 60 by 60 centimeters.

John baptiste statue from donatelo
Donatello is portrayed by Ben Starr in the 2016 television series Medici: Masters of Florence. [10]
In Florence, Donatello assisted Lorenzo Ghiberti with the statues of prophets for the north door of the Baptistery of Florence Cathedral, for which he received payment in November 1406 and early 1408. In 1409–1411 he executed the colossal seated figure of Saint John the Evangelist, which until 1588 occupied a niche of the old cathedral façade, and is now placed in the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. This work marks a decisive step forward from late Gothic Mannerism in the search for naturalism and the rendering of human feelings. [4] The face, the shoulders and the bust are still idealized, while the hands and the fold of cloth over the legs are more realistic.


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