monet painting style and technique

Monet painting style and technique
5. Bathers at La GrenouillГЁre 186. Claude-Oscar Monet. National Gallery.
The painting is one of two sketches preparatory to a more extended treatment, now lost. The sketches are either crude and hurried, or a vigorous, atmospheric and brilliantly effective rendition of the visual scene — depending on historical viewpoint: Monet called them ‘bad sketches’. There are clearly elements that have gone wrong: the muddy treatment of the foliage centre right, and mechanical dabs of white on the lake surface, for example. Or the pale blue oars laid over the boats in the lower left, and the bathing hut in the left middle distance that have been added with pale blue ‘paint remaining’ or as an attempt to tie in the composition: they are certainly not as observed.

Monet painting style and technique
Sort out a palette of colors like Monet’s, then either select one of your favorite paintings by him or a subject that inspires, and get painting. Remember that Monet developed his skill and technique over decades, so don’t be discouraged if your first Monet-style painting doesn’t turn out exactly like his. Take inspiration from him and treat it as the first in a series.
Impressionism emerged in France around 1870, when a group of painters worked loosely together, attempting to capture their fleeting impressions of a scene, or the emotions a scene created in them.

Monet painting style and technique
Is it orange yet?
So, six or nine colors. Not a large number of paints! Which is great for us, when we’re on a budget. Below I include links to a popular impressionistic painting set of paints.

Monet painting style and technique
According to James Heard in his book Paint Like Monet, analysis of Monet’s paintings show Monet used these nine colors:
Monet painted many subjects again and again, but every one of his series paintings is different, whether it’s a painting of a water lily or a haystack.

Monet painting style and technique
Monet’s style notably changed towards his later life as he sought to pursue even more means of depicting natural lights effect on different scenes. One example of this was his series of paintings of Haystacks on his property in Giverny. The artist sought to painstakingly depict the changing look of something as ordinary as haystacks depending on the time of day they were seen. What followed was a series of noticeably different paintings from varied angles but of the same objects.
Later years:
Monet’s personal Impressionist ability is said to have reached its peak with his Giverny-inspired series of paintings of Water Lilies and these paintings are what most people think of when considering Monet’s illustrious career. After this high point came Monet’s continued pursuit of actualizing the effects of the changing day on scenes.


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