odalisque meaning

Odalisque meaning

The English and French term odalisque (rarely odalique) derives from the Turkish ‘oda’, meaning “chamber”; thus an odalisque originally meant a chamber girl or attendant. In western usage, the term has come to refer specifically to the harem concubine. By the eighteenth century the term odalisque referred to the eroticized artistic genre in which a nominally eastern woman lies on her side on display for the spectator. [1]

An odalisque (Turkish: odalık / اوطه‌لق ) was a chambermaid or a female attendant in a Turkish seraglio, particularly the court ladies in the household of the Ottoman sultan.

Odalisque meaning
The Grande Odalisque is a nude woman, lying on a bed covered with fabrics.
The whole scene is occupied by her body and only the feather fan, the turban she wears on her head and few other details give us information about her provenance from an oriental country.
After describing The Source by Ingres I decided to write a new post about a work by Ingres to make its meaning clear and to describe it, even though the magic of this painting remains, and like me, you could continue to imagine the story of this woman.

Odalisque meaning
“Their” vs. “There” vs. “They’re”: Do You Know The Difference?
I always thought a pagoda was a sort of odalisque —isn’t that right?

1 historical A female slave or concubine in a harem, especially one in the seraglio of the Sultan of Turkey.
Late 17th century from French, from Turkish odalik, from oda ‘chamber’ + lik ‘function’.

And the great warm tide of her pleasure and her gratitude took us down into the cool humming, buzzing grotto of the Odalisque below decks, into the deep bunk leaving behind us on the carpeting a hasty trail of bikini top, swim truffle, and bikini bottom where, with the accompaniment of her giggles and sighs and little instructional signals, we played our favorite game of winding up that lmcurious engine of a body of hers to such an aching pitch that a single Might touch, carefully planned, pushed her over the edge.
For as my father’s odalisque, she had been privy to a great many wicked things in his caravan — all of his conspiracies with his cronies — in the time since her good husband, Banos, had been taken in the tithe.



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