once upon a starry night

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Feb 01, 2004 | ISBN 9780792263326 | 10-4/5 x 8-3/10 –> | 6-9 years | ISBN 9780792263326 –> Buy

The glittering stars are attractive and the paintings have a folksy beauty, but the book as a whole feels a little thin and rushed to me. Nevertheless, for a young library patron exploring the stars, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Читать весь отзыв
Here are the stories of 10 great constellations – from Persons to Hercules, including Pegasus, Argo, Andromeda and Cassiopeia. Jacqueline Mitton sets contemporary fact against ancient legend; and Christina Balit portrays each constellation in loving detail. Drawing on the eternal lure of the universe, this makes an exciting introduction to the figures dominating our night sky.

Once upon a starry night
Once Upon a Starry Night is an introduction to the lesser known constellations. It’s a companion book two others: Zodiac, which covers the twelve best known constellations, and Zoo in the Sky, which covers the animal constellations.
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Once upon a starry night
“Well, you must not have gotten this feeling at the first look. We all know the tragic history of Van Gogh. That may be making you romanticise this more I suppose”
“Hey look at the stars. They are like big circles”

Once upon a starry night
Perfect for use with grades 1-6, Once Upon a Starry Night is designed to be extremely flexible in its presentation. It can be presented with as few as ten to twelve children, or many more. The Performance Materials are designed to ensure success for your presentation. The Director’s Manual includes the songs, dialog and piano accompaniments as well as teaching materials, lesson plans, movement and staging suggestions, bulletin cover and poster. The Singer’s Edition features vocal lines and dialog only and the new Reproducible Pak includes all the songs (music and lyric sheets), dialog, activities and puzzles on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper with one-time permission to photocopy. perfect for any younger children.
Ten refreshing songs and a heavenly host of irresistible “stars” bring Once Upon a Starry Night to life. Join General Comet Powell, Big Glow, and Shooting Star along with shepherds, angels, and wise men as they tell the greatest story ever told, while discovering God has a special plan for each of His creations.



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