raphael school of athens who is michelangolo

Raphael school of athens who is michelangolo
But just what does this famous painting mean? Let’s look at what the iconic The School of Athens meant for Raphael as an artist and how it’s become such a symbol of the Renaissance. At the time, a commission by the pope was the apex of any artist’s career. For Raphael, it was validation of an already burgeoning career.
Among the crowd surrounding Socrates are his students, including the general Alcibiades and Aeschines of Sphettus.

Raphael school of athens who is michelangolo
The main arch, above the characters, shows a meander (also known as a Greek fret or Greek key design), a design using continuous lines that repeat in a “series of rectangular bends” which originated on pottery of the Greek Geometric period and then become widely used in ancient Greek architectural friezes. [12]
The identities of some of the philosophers in the picture, such as Plato and Aristotle, are certain. Beyond that, identifications of Raphael’s figures have always been hypothetical. To complicate matters, beginning from Vasari’s efforts, some have received multiple identifications, not only as ancients but also as figures contemporary with Raphael. Vasari mentions portraits of the young Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, leaning over Bramante with his hands raised near the bottom right, and Raphael himself. [11]

Raphael school of athens who is michelangolo
Plato 387 BC (usually considered as the foundation year of the academy. )
Speusippus (Aristotle dissapointed that he did not follow Plato, later opens the Lyceum school, named so because it was dedicated to Apollo Lykeios )
Xenocrates of Chalcedon
Arcesilaus 265 BC (considered a reformer of the Academy)
Lacydes of Cyrene
—– The Romans with Lucius Sulla in Athens
Philo 85 BC (one year after Sulla) goes to Rome, Academy probably closed
Damascius 529 AD last head after the Byzantine Emperor orders the closing of the “pagan” Academy (Christian religion is the only religion allowed)

Raphael school of athens who is michelangolo
Raphael – Self Portrait
King continues with one of my favorite paragraphs in the book which describes the aesthetic difference between the two artists.

Raphael school of athens who is michelangolo
To cleanse their sins, Medici’s sponsored many artworks for the church. Medici Family was so wealthy that even now it’s presence is felt in the city of Florence. Though being a republic, Florence was in complete control of the Medici family. Young Michelangelo grew up in the Medici household. Medici’s were revolutionizing the art world with works of masters like Botticelli. Botticelli’s painting of the mother of Venus sent shock waves across the Christian world. His bronze statue of David formed as an inspiration to Michelangelo’s David latter. Michelangelo showed a nag for artwork early in his life, especially crafting from marbles. Michelangelo decorated the crypt of the Medici family later in his life.
Michelangelo’s work was now known to the entirety of Italy, and he was summoned to Rome to make “Pieta” (Lady Mary holding crucified Jesus Christ).



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