the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword
The final point that Con makes about people studying law just so they can kill people is also clearly outside the scope of the resolution. Con provides no reason why “passionate judges who accept executing as a bad part of the job” would be a rare commodity. Killing would only be a small, unpleasant part of the job.
c) I never argued that judges must experience rape or murder before being able to judge the moral implications of it. This is a ridiculous assertion that Con pulled out of thin air. I’ve only argued that if a judge were to sentence a person to death, they should figuratively “swing the sword” themselves and experience the unpleasantness caused by their decision and not be able to pass this on to a paid executioner. And when they realize how gruesome and terrible death is, they will be educated to the reality of the decisions they are making and more carefully consider it before sentencing someone to death.

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” In one sentence, Ned Stark sums up a major issue of the death penalty: the lack of culpability from any party in feeling as if they were 100% responsible for the death of the individual sentenced. Think about it. If you’re the jury, it’s not totally your fault because you’re not having to kill the person yourself and you also weren’t the only one voting on the case. If you’re the judge, you’ve got the jury to consider and follow and you’re also not personally responsible for killing this person. If you’re the person responsible for killing the convicted individual, you’re getting orders from someone else. It is simply your job to do this; you weren’t the one deciding who to kill and why. With no one individual held completely responsible for every aspect of a person’s sentence, we reduce the chance of personal bias and corruption in a case, but we also remove the guilt. Yes, all of the aforementioned parties might indeed feel this guilt, but it will be alleviated by their individual distances from being the actual, responsible party that ends the individual’s life.В
2. The fallability and bias of human beings.В

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword
After sending it… crickets.
Sometimes it falls into your lap.

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword
Naturally, everyone went crazy when it was announced a Friends reunion is happening (that’s right, soon, the entire cast will no longer be on a break!) Since then, it’s rumoured the Desperate Housewives cast and the gang from Parks and Recreation will be coming together too. This got British marketplace thinking which of the world’s most popular TV shows do we really want back for a new series!
GOT just pips Friends to the post! Since the famous 6 announced a special IS in the works, Friends has seen a resurgence in interest from devoted fans old and new. In fact, 33,150 people on average a month Google the show to find out more about a reunion or possible new series. Proving it really is “The One Where” the whole world is obsessed!

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword
I can’t even imagine a better way to end this episode. All the themes and all the little budding plotlines all come together in this one spectacular moment where Alex Rodriguez not only gets the runner on first into scoring position, but himself as well. If I had one criticism it would be the CGI used for the grass at Tropicana Field. It is utter garbage. Other than that, this episode was nearly as flawless as Alex Rodriguez’s swing.
While all this is going on, the creepy yet sort of (??) kind and smart bald guy and the little person (who is brother to the sibling sexers) are traveling to find the true leader of the Game of Thronesiverse. Creepy guy is pumping the little guy up as a valued counselor for his preferred leader: the Dragon Lady. Which is just the perfect segue to the Dragon Lady’s part of the story. One of her conquered citizens murdered one of her soldiers and she is left to deal with the fallout. Then, one of the slaves she freed murders the murderer to try to get on her good side, but is that truly justice? Eye for an eye? Only when doled out by the Dragon Lady, so she has him killed. And then, after a frantic mob scene, the dragon lady is safe outside her private balcony thinking about how crazy it was she had some dude’s head chopped off and she hears something strange and—BOOM A-Rod with the double.


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