the swing painting classical music

The swing painting classical music
Overall Fragonard’s The Swing, rich with symbolism, not only manages to capture a moment of complete spontaneity and joie de vivre, but also alludes to the illicit affair that may have already been going on, or is about to begin.
While this odd request was turned down by other painters such as Doyen, a painter of more serious historical subjects, Fragonard leapt to the occasion, producing what became the most iconic work of the French Rococo.

The swing painting classical music
The Rocaille style lasted in France until the mid-18th century, and while it became more curving and vegetal, it never achieved the extravagant exuberance of the Rococo in Bavaria, Austria and Italy. The discoveries of Roman antiquities beginning in 1738 at Herculanum and especially at Pompeii in 1748 turned French architecture in the direction of the more symmetrical and less flamboyant neo-classicism.
Portal of the Palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas, Valencia, Spain (1740-1744)

The swing painting classical music
Although not yet established, he was beginning to gain a reputation. In 1731 he married Marguerite Saintard, and two years later the first of his figure paintings appeared, Dame cachetant une lettre. From then on Chardin alternated between paintings of la vie silencieuse (“the silent life”) or scenes of family life such as Le Bйnйdicitй (“Grace”) and half-figure paintings of young men and women concentrating on their work or play, such as Le Jeune dessinateur (“Young Man Drawing”) and L’Enfant au toton (“Child with Top”). The artist repeated his subject matter, and there are often several original versions of the same composition. Chardin’s wife died in 1735, and the estate inventory drawn up after her death reveals a certain affluence, suggesting that by this time Chardin had becomea successful painter.
An anecdote illustrating Chardin’s genius and his unique position in 18th-century painting is told by one of his greatest friends, the engraver Charles-Nicolas Cochin, who wrote a letter shortly after Chardin’s death to Haillet de Couronne, the man who was to deliver Chardin’s eulogy to the Academy of Rouen, of which Chardin had been a member.

General director Evert van Os said the museum is “angry, shocked, sad” at the theft, which happened on 30 March – the day the artist was born 167 years ago.
1884 painting by Vincent van Gogh “Parsonage Garden at Neunen in Spring” was stolen. Picture: Getty

The swing painting classical music
Kenny Metcalf is an experienced studio engineer, musician, singer, and song writer. In the 1980’s he toured with the rock group, Stryper, using his talents as their stage keyboardist.
This is a show that transports the crowd to the early career of Elton John’s music. The hits sound magical and perfect from “Benny and the Jets” to “Rocket Man” to “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.


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