the swing (painting) tattoo

The swing (painting) tattoo
Naomi Watts — whose work includes such varied films as “King Kong,” “The Ring” and “Diana” — will be the first to tell you she is no big-league collector. She also does not buy in bulk, having purchased just 20 pieces since 2011. And while she once spent nearly $100,000 on a painting, even that is inexpensive compared with the multimillions circulating at the highest levels of the collecting world.
What is it you like about living around art?

In 1997, E! True Hollywood Story aired a feature on Page titled, Bettie Page: From Pinup to Sex Queen. [50]
She dated industrial designer Richard Arbib in the 1950s, and then married Armond Walterson in 1958; [31] they divorced in 1963. [6]

The swing (painting) tattoo
Once you start with one watercolor, you might not be able to stop! Many people find that watercolor tattoos are a lot easier to expand on than traditional tattoos, because they cann just “melt” in.
If mandalas are your thing, maybe you’d like a tattoo like this one.

The swing (painting) tattoo
And if you’re going to be changing the artist’s original work in any way, loop them in. Ohki says that it’s a common request, and she’s typically open to any tweaks that fans suggest. “I really like to see how you’re altering it because maybe that wasn’t my initial intention.”
Keep records of your messages with the original artist, and share them with the person doing your tattoo. “I like to see proof of the emails between the artist and the client, just to be 100 per cent certain,” says April, and she also adds that she’s a fan of “tattoo tickets” like the ones Ohki offers. “You know right away that they’ve [the client has] purchased something.”

The swing (painting) tattoo
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Charlie Lacroix has a really large amount of tattoo flash ready to go, just swing by the shop and ask to see what he has, there is some really great stuff there.


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