what does donotello think of you quiz

What does donotello think of you quiz
Your best friend
Congratulations, you are most like Raphael!

What does donotello think of you quiz
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Dennis — Leonardo
Charlie — Raphael/Michelangelo
Dee/Mac — Donatello
Frank — A really screwed-up Splinter
(Charlie doing double-duty = the epitome of “Charlie work”)
I didn’t discover this template, I’m merely modernizing it (if you’ll indulge me enough to accept that references to a now 30-year-old cartoon are modern). In Jonathan Lethem’s wonderful novel The Fortress of Solitude, characters describe a similar “essential human grouping pattern” based on that other iconic quartet, the Beatles.

What does donotello think of you quiz
And in case you haven’t noticed. I’m a mutant. None of that applies to me! According to the Humans, I have no rights. What so ever man!
The Amendment that gives us freedom of religion and speech is the First Amendment. That is in the Bill of Rights which is the first 10 Amendments. The first amendment states that the government cannot establish a federal religion and also cannot stop people from practicing the religion of their choice. It also protects freedom of the press-which means the government cannot censor what the journalists report upon. Your freedom of speech means that you will not go to jail for criticizing the government, the president, or any other politician. Freedom of speech does not mean you don’t get repercussions from yelling “Fire” in a public place or you can’t get flamed for your youtube comments.

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What does donotello think of you quiz
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