what is persephone statue

What is persephone statue
Most critics have been quick to praise the work. Rudolf Wittkower noted: “representations of such rape scenes depended on Bernini’s new, dynamic conception for the next hundred and fifty years”. [4] Howard Hibbard makes similar comments noting the realistic effects that Bernini had achieved via carving hard marble, such as the “texture of the skin, the flying ropes of hair, the tears of Persephone and above all the yielding flesh of the girl”. [5] The choice of incident to depict the story is commonly cited as well: Pluto’s hands encircle the waist of Proserpina just as she throws her arms out in an attempt to escape. [6] Bernini’s own son and biographer, Domenico, called it “an amazing contrast of tenderness and cruelty”. [7]
However, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when Bernini’s reputation was at a low ebb, critics found fault with the statue. The eighteenth-century French visitor Jerome de la Lande allegedly wrote: “Pluto’s back is broken; his figure extravagant, without character, nobleness of expression, and its outline bad; the female one no better”. [8] Another French visitor to the Villa Ludovisi was equally critical, stating: “The head of Pluto is vulgarly gay; his crown and beard give him a ridiculous air, while the muscles are strongly marked and the figure poses. It is not a true divinity, but a decorative god. ” [9]

What is persephone statue

What is persephone statue
The Rape of Persephone
Gian Lorenzo Bernini

White Earthenware or Pipe clay
She became the Queen of the underworld at a young age. Whilst out picking flowers in a meadow one day She was abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld, and She was forced to become his wife, making her queen of the underworld and the goddess of death. Her mother Demeter was frantic with worry and searched the entire earth for Her beloved daughter, eventually learning of Her fate from Helios (or Hermes).

What is persephone statue
Material & Manufacture process: Cast Marble
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