what style of painting was claude monet known for

What style of painting was claude monet known for
In 1859 Monet went back to Paris to study art. There he met other artists of the time, including Renoir and Sisley. Together with them he started experimenting with painting in nature.
Monet used strong colours, which he did not mix. He painted them onto the canvas in short brush strokes. He was also criticized for abandoning classical painting techniques.

What style of painting was claude monet known for
Monet’s personal life was marked by hardship around this time. His wife became ill during her second pregnancy (their second son, Michel, was born in 1878), and she continued to deteriorate. Monet painted a portrait of her on her death bed. Before her passing, the Monets went to live with Ernest and Alice Hoschede and their six children.
While it was meant to be derogatory, the term seemed fitting. Monet sought to capture the essence of the natural world using strong colors and bold, short brushstrokes; he and his contemporaries were turning away from the blended colors and evenness of classical art. Monet also brought elements of industry into his landscapes, moving the form forward and making it more contemporary. Monet began to exhibit with the Impressionists after their first show in 1874, and continued into the 1880s.

What style of painting was claude monet known for
The key to the impressionist movement was Claude Monet’s style as he portray light and color in a clever way. In order to depict this kind of element into his art, he went as far as the Mediterranean and other locations in Central Europe. Its this exploration that gave both to such an expertise and genius of artist is movement, and influencing artists till date.
By the middle years, Monet the style “en plein air” that was taught to him by Boudin. Along with this he and his followers they involved brush strokes and broken color to the style. One of Monet’s best example of the greatly acknowledged Impressionist work is Sunrise.

What style of painting was claude monet known for
Claude Monet achieved fame for being the initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style. In his work he did not try to reproduce a scene faithfully as examined in detail but rather attempted to record on the spot the impression that a relaxed, momentary vision of the scene gave him.
Claude Monet, in full Oscar-Claude Monet, (born November 14, 1840, Paris, France—died December 5, 1926, Giverny), French painter who was the initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style. In his mature works, Monet developed his method of producing repeated studies of the same motif in series, changing canvases with the light or as his interest shifted. These series were frequently exhibited in groups—for example, his images of haystacks (1890/91) and the Rouen cathedral (1894). At his home in Giverny, Monet created the water-lily pond that served as inspiration for his last series of paintings. His popularity soared in the second half of the 20th century, when his works traveled the world in museum exhibitions that attracted record-breaking crowds and marketed popular commercial items featuring imagery from his art.

What style of painting was claude monet known for
It wouldn’t be so wrong saying that Monet Paintings largely influenced the development of what we call Modern Art. The founder of French impressionistic painting, Claude Monet , is certainly one of the greatest names in art history, while his style and approach influenced generation of artists in the late 19th and early 20th Century. Of course, the most famous Monet paintings are those belonging to Impressionism. The movement got this name from the title of the most recognized Monet’s painting; Impression, Sunrise. It was April 1874, when an exhibition in Paris was organized. Monet already had a series of what would become Impressionist paintings. The artist himself claims that the name “Impressionism” was coined accidentally. They asked me for a title for the catalogue, it couldn’t really be taken for a view of Le Havre, and I said: ‘Put Impression.’, Monet claimed, although this statement was disputed by some art critics.
Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny is probably the most famous garden in France. The Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies was created in 1899 and it’s a part of the famous Water Lilies series which contains around 250 paintings. Monet was a passionate horticulturist. The paintings from this series (including the Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies) depict Monet’s beloved flower garden in his home in Giverny.



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