when was sandro botticelli born

Botticelli’s most famous works include those of Primavera and The Birth of Venus. At his most productive and successful, Botticelli was one of the most well known artists within all of Italy.
Botticelli was born and raised in Via Nuova, Florence. His first job was that of working as a goldsmith, as he was trained by Antonio, his elder brother. This was a job that he worked at for many years, of which he was incredibly successful.

When was sandro botticelli born
Sandro Botticelli was born Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi to a father who was a tanner. Sandro had an elder brother, Giovanni, a pawnbroker who was called Botticello (“Little Barrel”), from which Sandro’s nickname was derived. Sandro never married, and he lived with his family throughout his life.
These transitions in Botticelli’s style can be seen in the small panels of Judith (The Return of Judith) and Holofernes (The Discovery of the Body of Holofernes), both c. 1470, and in his first dated work, Fortitude (1470), which was painted for the hall of the Tribunale dell’Are della Mercanzia, or merchants’ tribunal, in Florence. Botticelli’s art from that time shows a use of ochre in the shadowed areas of flesh tones that gives a brown warmth very different from Lippi’s pallor. The forms in his paintings are defined with a line that is at once incisive and flowing, and there is a growing ability to suggest the character and even the mood of the figures by action, pose, and facial expression.

When was sandro botticelli born
The Italian painter Botticelli was one of the major artists in Florence during the Renaissance (a period of revived interest in Greek and Roman culture that began in Italy during the fourteenth century).
Successful in the 1470s and 1480s, then forgotten at the time of his death in 1510, Botticelli was popular in the nineteenth century, especially in England.

When was sandro botticelli born
Despite a considerable amount of fame and recognition, Botticelli’s working career is blighted by its conclusion, which was undermined by the new artistic movement of the High Renaissance.
Botticelli’s career started at age 14, where he was apprenticed to Fra Filippo Lippi who had a noticeable effect on his painting style and many historians are keen to note that he adopted Lippi’s intimate and detailed artistic technique. Such delicate expressions on the faces of Botticelli’s models in addition to his decorative approach led to his growing notoriety as an artist.

Late in life Botticelli suffered from a physical disability that prevented him from working. He lost commissions and found himself struggling to survive. His manner of painting, which reminded many people of past medieval artists, went out of style. He was largely forgotten until the nineteenth century, when “ pre-Raphaelite ” painters of England discovered his mysterious allegories and dreamlike imagery. Since that time, Botticelli’s style and works have made him one of the most familiar artists of the Italian Renaissance.
In the 1470s, Botticelli opened his own workshop, and remained a citizen of Florence for the rest of his life.



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