which is better in the morning or afternoon tundra tour in denali park

Tour bus trips begin and end at various locations around the entrance of the park—they do not pick up at campgrounds along the Denali Park Road, and they are not set up for passengers to disembark and re-board. Transit buses are a better option for passengers who want to get off the bus to hike, picnic, etc.
Unlike transit buses, which are not narrated, tour buses feature a trained naturalist who both drives the bus and narrates during the trip.

Which is better in the morning or afternoon tundra tour in denali park
12pm hit the road for Denali NP
4:05pm LAST shuttle to Toklat (arrive 7:10p). Note: You will have to wait for the return shuttle which comes through Toklat at 8:45pm. OR you could do the very last shuttle from the WAC at 5:05pm which will go to Toklat and return with no stop there. The 8:45p departure from Toklat gets you back to the WAC at 11:25pm. (These times may or may not be available in the shoulder months of May or September. You will need to look more closely at the Denali shuttle schedule if you are traveling in either of those months.)

Which is better in the morning or afternoon tundra tour in denali park
While we can’t promise or predict when wildlife will show, the Tundra Wilderness Tour allows plenty of opportunity to look for Dall sheep, moose, caribou, wolves and grizzly bears. On days when Denali (meaning “the high one” or “the great one”) is visible, the tour bus travels to Stony Hill Overlook for an amazing view of Denali from base to summit.
NOTE: During the shoulder season while the road corridor thaws and dries out, the Tundra Wilderness Tour follows a shorter route reaching only to Toklat River. This 6-7 hour tour is fully narrated and runs from May 20 – 31.

Which is better in the morning or afternoon tundra tour in denali park
In my opinion, the biggest reasons for the earliest shuttle possible are:
2) If you want to spend some time hiking, you lose 2 hours of hiking time by departing 2 hours later.

Adult* – $140.75
Child – $63.00



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