who are the people in the school of athens sizheng chen

Who are the people in the school of athens sizheng chen
Heraclitus, looking like Michelangelo (his true name was Michelagniolo di Ludovico di Buonarroto Simon (6.3.1475 – 18.2.1564) Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Vatican). Heraclitus is also called the dark melancholic philosopher, maybe this is the reason why he is shown thinking and serious. He is alone because he usually did not like others and in the “School of Athens” he and Diogenes are clear isolated figures.
Plato’s Academy (or should it be better called Plato’s park of olive trees?) as “The School of Athens“. Was Plato’s Academy founded earlier by Democritus? Cicero gives a part of the following list as heads of “Plato’s Academy”:

Who are the people in the school of athens sizheng chen
The building is in the shape of a Greek cross, which some have suggested was intended to show a harmony between pagan philosophy and Christian theology [2] (see Christianity and Paganism and Christian philosophy). The architecture of the building was inspired by the work of Bramante, who, according to Vasari, helped Raphael with the architecture in the picture. [2] The resulting architecture was similar to the then new St. Peter’s Basilica. [2]
Commentators have suggested that nearly every great ancient Greek philosopher can be found in the painting, but determining which are depicted is difficult, since Raphael made no designations outside possible likenesses, and no contemporary documents explain the painting. Compounding the problem, Raphael had to invent a system of iconography to allude to various figures for whom there were no traditional visual types. For example, while the Socrates figure is immediately recognizable from Classical busts, the alleged Epicurus is far removed from his standard type. Aside from the identities of the figures depicted, many aspects of the fresco have been variously interpreted, but few such interpretations are unanimously accepted among scholars.

Who are the people in the school of athens sizheng chen
It’s universally agreed that the older gentleman sprawled on the steps is Diogenes. Founder of the Cynic philosophy, he was a controversial figure in his day, living a simple life and criticizing cultural conventions.
The School of Athens was the third painting Raphael completed after Disputa (representing theology) and Parnassus (representing literature). It’s positioned facing Disputa and symbolizes philosophy, setting up a contrast between religious and lay beliefs.

Who are the people in the school of athens sizheng chen
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People sometimes make mistakes in spelling last names. Below you will find a list of surnames similar to Shi Zheng that were found in public records
This surname is found in public records in various versions, some of which are Heng, Vheng



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