who played the donatelo triplets

The Del Rubio Triplets were born as The Boyd Triplets (Edith, Elena and Mildred Boyd) on August 23, 1921 in the Panama Canal Zone. Their great aunt was Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, the wife of United States President Woodrow Wilson. [1] The girls grew up in the Panama Canal Zone and Washington, D.C.. Their stage name comes from the color they dyed their hair; the word “rubio” means “blonde” in Spanish. They had one older sister Lola Boyd. She died in 1992. The girls never got married or had children because they didn’t want to break up their act. They came up with their stage name The Del Rubio Triplets after their mother died from a stroke in 1965. [2] The triplets were Christians. [3] The Del Rubio Triplets were Scottish, English, and Spanish. [4]
They made various television appearances such as Married. with Children, Full House, Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme, The Golden Girls, Night Court, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, New Monkees, Square One TV, Ellen (TV series), and Pee-wee’s Playhouse wearing bouffant hair dos and gaudy blue eyeshadow. They often appeared scantily clad (usually showing off their legs) despite the fact that they were in their 60s at the time. They often are remembered for their contribution of “Winter Wonderland” to the Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special that originally aired in 1988. They briefly appeared in the movie Americathon, playing “America the Beautiful” behind several posing bodybuilders. They also appeared in Sliders, season 1 episode 8, “The King Is Back” as themselves, performing “Whip It”. In the late 1980s, they were featured in a McDonald’s fast food advertisement.

In 1987, the Del Rubio Triplets finally made it to the big time when they were asked to perform at a party for members of Los Angeles ’ s underground art scene and made appearances on such television programs as Pee Wee ’ s Playhouse, Night Court, Golden Girls, Ellen, Full House, Married with Children, and MTV.
Three was the magic number for Elena, Eadie, and Milly Boyd. For over 50 years, the identical triplets, dressed many times in matching hot pants and go-go boots, mined the archives of rock and pop history for classic hits and new favorites which were vamped and camped up for their legions of fans across the globe. “ It ’ s obvious that we were meant to serve God by being together. It reminds me of the blessed Trinity and the sense that each one is individual, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. But the three together is God. That ’ s the same thing with us three. Each one is individual, and it ’ s our individuality that makes the act what it is. But it ’ s the three together that make the act. The three make the whole. We ’ ve sensed that ever since we were little kids, that the three make the whole ” , explained Eadie, about their togetherness both as a family unit and as the Del Rubio Triplets singing sensation, to Irene Lacher of the Los Angeles Times.

Who played the donatelo triplets
Their big break came last summer, when the trio was spotted by Allee Willis, a songwriter (who co-wrote Neutron Dance) and professional party host. A performance at one of Willis’ A-list parties led to bookings on six television shows, including The New Monkees. Within months, the triplets had also landed a record contract. Now their Three Gals, Three Guitars LP is in stores on both coasts and heading for the hinterland, and the sisters claim their fans have helped inspire a mini-run on go-go boots by Hollywood’s aluminum walker set.
By now, the sisters have put more than 374,000 miles on “Bambi,” their 1971 Plymouth station wagon, driving to as many as 20 dates a week from the triple-wide mobile home they share in the L.A. community of San Pedro. That doesn’t leave much time for Eadie and Elena to sew the trio’s costumes, and Millie is way behind on her pet project—reading TIME magazines cover to cover and in sequence. Now mired in 1986 issues, she says, “It makes me feel clairvoyant. I know who is going to win elections and when the earthquake will happen.”

But the person who plucked them from obscurity was Allee Willis, a Grammy-winning songwriter (“Neutron Dance”) and arty party maven who happened onto one of their brochures in the summer of ’87. Willis hired them to entertain at a party where they performed “Neutron Dance” with the Pointer Sisters. That multifamilial pairing sparked the sensation that tipped them into crossover territory.
Elena: “We went to the beauty parlor. We just told the girl, ‘We’re going blond but not all at once because we’re going to Mexico for the Christmas holiday and our father will drop dead if he sees us.’ And I said just a few little drops of peroxide. Instead of putting two, she put in about eight or 10.

“Sometimes one of us would get sort of serious, but then we’d tell the guy: `First comes God, second comes our sisters, third comes our music. You’ll have to wait in line,”‘ Milly said in a 1994 Daily Breeze article.
A funeral Mass will be celebrated Friday for Milly Del Rubio, who died July 21. She was 89.



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