whose painting impression sunrise inspired the use of the term “impressionism”

Whose painting impression sunrise inspired the use of the term “impressionism”
After the death of his beloved wife Camille in 1879, Monet moved to Giverny. The surrounding landscapes provided inspiration for Monet’s famous garden series, which continued until his death in 1926.
Monet has since established his place as one of the true masters of Impressionist art. Impression, Sunrise is lauded as one of the finest examples of Impressionism, exemplifying the movement as a whole through the dreamy, hazy landscape.

Whose painting impression sunrise inspired the use of the term “impressionism”
While the title of the painting seemed to be chosen in haste for the catalogue, the term “Impressionism” was not new. It had been used for some time to describe the effect of paintings from the Barbizon school. Both associated with the school, Daubigny and Manet had been known to use the term to describe their own works. [8]
Jules Castagnary for Le Siècle wrote that the group of painters could be described by no other word beside the new term impressionists, since they rendered the “sensation evoked by the landscape” rather than the landscape. He claimed that “The very word has entered their language: not landscape, but impression, in the title given in the catalog for M. Monet’s Sunrise. From this point of view, they have left reality behind for a realm of pure idealism”, typified by Monet’s Impression, Sunrise. [13]

Whose painting impression sunrise inspired the use of the term “impressionism”
Claude Monet painted Impression: Sunrise in 1872 in Le Havre, France. The scene is a natural look at the docks in the town and is a concentration on the effects of the sun on the sea. Impression: Sunrise shares its name with the movement that Monet was the leader of and it makes it one of his most important early works. It sparked an art movement whose legacy would continue on for decades to come.
Le Charivari critic Louise Leroy was perhaps the most effusive with his criticism and his views were compounded by a series of articles against the impressionists and their form of art. At the time of the exhibition Leroy noted that:-

Whose painting impression sunrise inspired the use of the term “impressionism”
Impression, Sunrise takes Monet’s interest in light, color, and spontaneity to new heights. As with his other works in the series, the artist opted to focus on the sunlight’s ephemeral effects on the water. While the hazy silhouettes of rowboats, ships, and smokestacks are evident in the composition, the emphasis is mostly on the breaking sunlight and its undulating reflections.
A complete rejection of the traditional tastes of Paris’ prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts, Monet’s approach to painting transformed 19th-century art, with Impression, Sunrise serving as the tipping point.

The movement made its official debut in 1874 in a show hosted by the Paris photography studio of Félix Nadar. This show was an alternative to the Académie des Beaux-Arts’ Salon de Paris, which had been the official exhibition and overseer of art world standards since 1667.
Comprised of works submitted to the Salon that were rejected by the Académie, the group calling itself “The Cooperative and Anonymous Association of Painters, Sculptors, and Engravers” featured 30 artists showing work, including some of the most now-famous names in art: Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas and Camille Pissarro.



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