why do people like david and pieta sculptures yahoo answers

Why do people like david and pieta sculptures yahoo answers
When artists want to elicit empathy for humans, they usually depict a person in a pitiful, but noble state. This is often done by using people in states of suffering.
Another characteristic of humanism is emphasis on beauty and feelings which were based on ancient Roman and Greek texts. Admiration for the great philosophers of those times can be seen in Raphael’s painting The School of Athens. (in the middle ages, art reflected biblical values of religion like modesty and humility and the contemplative life).

Why do people like david and pieta sculptures yahoo answers
By far, Michelangelo’s most famous work is the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The theme of the ceiling is the Book of Genesis. He is still known today because millions of people visit his works of art each year. He is not only famous for his paintings, but is also widely known for his sculptures. Pieta and David were considered to be masterpiece that captured the essence of the Italian Renaissance.
If his work was only so-so-its-ok, he wouldnt be as famous as he is.

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A great deal of the information in this article is unsourced. Why are we getting so uptight about whether or not the discussion of the artist’s homo-eroticism is unsourced? Why not work through the entire article and chop everything that is unsourced? Is the gender issue really the only thing that needs to be approached in a scholarly manner?

Why do people like david and pieta sculptures yahoo answers
As a foundation for learning the difference between these two eras and these two styles, it might be helpful to begin with two key words. A good word for Renaissance art is “stabilize,” while a good one for the Baroque is “dramatize.” One fine way to demonstrate the importance of these two words is to look at art in the 21st-century world of science fiction. Artists who work in the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises also have to be able to demonstrate drama and stability separately.
The Baroque artists of Europe also understood this principle: build a composition on an angle to give energy or to create instability or to add drama. In the Baroque, however, the lines that are there are still less emphasized visually than they are in the Renaissance. It seems that often in the Renaissance, items are placed in the composition in order to emphasize the horizontal and Vertical lines, even including the horizon itself. In the Baroque, the lines might start with one part of the composition and continue with another, seemingly unrelated part of the composition. In fact, sometimes the blackness of the background functions as a diagonal line. In order to make the distinction between the two eras as clear as possible, I’ll continue with the same painted topics as before, so that you can more easily compare and contrast.

I never expected to, but seeing Michelangelo’s 17′ tall David in Florence and reading the small description of how important it was had me in tears.
“There is so much in the Pieta that if you lived a thousand years and wrote a thousand books you can never express it. In other words, there is a divine quality in it. It must have been inspired, because how could a boy, twenty-four year old, create a work like that? You can’t imagine how. It was a special grace from God. It it is true, he had to be an artist, but art alone could not transform the Pieta. The Pieta transforms you inwardly. A prayerful spirit comes over you. Prayerfulness. it changes people.



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